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AUEditNet: Dual-Branch Facial Action Unit Intensity Manipulation with Implicit Disentanglement

Shiwei Jin · Zhen Wang · Lei Wang · Peng Liu · Ning Bi · Truong Nguyen

Arch 4A-E Poster #187
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Wed 19 Jun 10:30 a.m. PDT — noon PDT


Facial action unit (AU) intensity plays a pivotal role in quantifying fine-grained expression behaviors, which is an effective condition for facial expression manipulation. However, publicly available datasets containing intensity annotations for multiple AUs remain severely limited, often featuring a restricted number of subjects. This limitation places challenges to the AU intensity manipulation in images due to disentanglement issues, leading researchers to resort to other large datasets with pretrained AU intensity estimators for pseudo labels.In addressing this constraint and fully leveraging manual annotations of AU intensities for precise manipulation, we introduce AUEditNet.Our proposed model achieves impressive intensity manipulation across 12 AUs, trained effectively with only 18 subjects. Utilizing a dual-branch architecture, our approach achieves comprehensive disentanglement of facial attributes and identity without necessitating additional loss functions or implementing with large batch sizes.This approach offers a potential solution to achieve desired facial attribute editing despite the dataset’s limited subject count.Our experiments demonstrate AUEditNet's superior accuracy in editing AU intensities, affirming its capability in disentangling facial attributes and identity within a limited subject pool. AUEditNet allows conditioning by either intensity values or target images, eliminating the need for constructing AU combinations for specific facial expression synthesis. Moreover, AU intensity estimation, as a downstream task, validates the consistency between real and edited images, confirming the effectiveness of our proposed AU intensity manipulation method.

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