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Seg2Reg: Differentiable 2D Segmentation to 1D Regression Rendering for 360 Room Layout Reconstruction

Cheng Sun · Wei-En Tai · Yu-Lin Shih · Kuan-Wei Chen · Yong-Jing Syu · Kent Selwyn The · Yu-Chiang Frank Wang · Hwann-Tzong Chen

Arch 4A-E Poster #74
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Thu 20 Jun 10:30 a.m. PDT — noon PDT


State-of-the-art single-view 360-degree room layout reconstruction methods formulate the problem as a high-level 1D (per-column) regression task. On the other hand, traditional low-level 2D layout segmentation is simpler to learn and can represent occluded regions, but it requires complex post-processing for the targeting layout polygon and sacrifices accuracy. We present Seg2Reg to render 1D layout depth regression from the 2D segmentation map in a differentiable and occlusion-aware way, marrying the merits of both sides.Specifically, our model predicts floor-plan density for the input equirectangular 360-degree image. Formulating the 2D layout representation as a density field enables us to employ `flattened' volume rendering to form 1D layout depth regression. In addition, we propose a novel 3D warping augmentation on layout to improve generalization. Finally, we re-implement recent room layout reconstruction methods into our codebase for benchmarking and explore modern backbones and training techniques to serve as the strong baseline. Our model significantly outperforms previous arts. The code will be made available upon publication.

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