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R-Cyclic Diffuser: Reductive and Cyclic Latent Diffusion for 3D Clothed Human Digitalization

Kennard Chan · Fayao Liu · Guosheng Lin · Chuan-Sheng Foo · Weisi Lin

Arch 4A-E Poster #61
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Thu 20 Jun 10:30 a.m. PDT — noon PDT


Recently, the authors of Zero-1-to-3 demonstrated that a latent diffusion model, pretrained with Internet-scale data, can not only address the single-view 3D object reconstruction task but can even attain SOTA results in it. However, when applied to the task of single-view 3D clothed human reconstruction, Zero-1-to-3 (and related models) are unable to compete with the corresponding SOTA methods in this field despite being trained on clothed human data.In this work, we aim to tailor Zero-1-to-3’s approach to the single-view 3D clothed human reconstruction task in a much more principled and structured manner. To this end, we propose R-Cyclic Diffuser, a framework that adapts Zero-1-to-3’s novel approach to clothed human data by fusing it with a pixel-aligned implicit model.R-Cyclic Diffuser offers a total of three new contributions. The first and primary contribution is R-Cyclic Diffuser’s cyclical conditioning mechanism for novel view synthesis. This mechanism directly addresses the view inconsistency problem faced by Zero-1-to-3 and related models. Secondly, we further enhance this mechanism with two key features - Lateral Inversion Constraint and Cyclic Noise Selection. Both features are designed to regularize and restrict the randomness of outputs generated by a latent diffusion model. Thirdly, we show how SMPL-X body priors can be incorporated in a latent diffusion model such that novel views of clothed human bodies can be generated much more accurately. Our experiments show that R-Cyclic Diffuser is able to outperform current SOTA methods in single-view 3D clothed human reconstruction both qualitatively and quantitatively. Our code is made publicly available at

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