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MVHumanNet: A Large-scale Dataset of Multi-view Daily Dressing Human Captures

Zhangyang Xiong · Chenghong Li · Kenkun Liu · Hongjie Liao · Jianqiao HU · Junyi Zhu · Shuliang Ning · Lingteng Qiu · Chongjie Wang · Shijie Wang · Shuguang Cui · Xiaoguang Han

Arch 4A-E Poster #26
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Fri 21 Jun 10:30 a.m. PDT — noon PDT


In this era, the success of large language models and text-to-image models can be attributed to the driving force of large-scale datasets. However, in the realm of 3D vision, while remarkable progress has been made with models trained on large-scale synthetic and real-captured object data like Objaverse and MVImgNet, a similar level of progress has not been observed in the domain of human-centric tasks partially due to the lack of a large-scale human dataset. Existing datasets of high-fidelity 3D human capture continue to be mid-sized due to the significant challenges in acquiring large-scale high-quality 3D human data. To bridge this gap, we present MVHumanNet, a dataset that comprises multi-view human action sequences of 4,500 human identities. The primary focus of our work is on collecting human data that features a large number of diverse identities and everyday clothing using a multi-view human capture system, which facilitates easily scalable data collection. Our dataset contains 9,000 daily outfits, 60,000 motion sequences and 645 million frames with extensive annotations, including human masks, camera parameters, 2D and 3D keypoints, SMPL/SMPLX parameters, and corresponding textual descriptions. To explore the potential of MVHumanNet in various 2D and 3D visual tasks, we conducted pilot studies on view-consistent action recognition, human NeRF reconstruction, text-driven view-unconstrained human image generation, as well as 2D view-unconstrained human image and 3D avatar generation. Extensive experiments demonstrate the performance improvements and effective applications enabled by the scale provided by MVHumanNet. As the current largest-scale 3D human dataset, we hope that the release of MVHumanNet data with annotations will foster further innovations in the domain of 3D human-centric tasks at scale.

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