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HiLo: Detailed and Robust 3D Clothed Human Reconstruction with High-and Low-Frequency Information of Parametric Models

Yifan Yang · Dong Liu · Shuhai Zhang · Zeshuai Deng · Zixiong Huang · Mingkui Tan

Arch 4A-E Poster #99
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Thu 20 Jun 10:30 a.m. PDT — noon PDT


Reconstructing 3D clothed human involves creating a detailed geometry of individuals in clothing, with applications ranging from virtual try-on, movies, to games. To enable practical and widespread applications, recent advances propose to generate a clothed human from an RGB image. However, they struggle to reconstruct detailed and robust avatars simultaneously. We empirically find that the high-frequency (HF) and low-frequency (LF) information from a parametric model has the potential to enhance geometry details and improve robustness to noise, respectively. Based on this, we propose HiLo, namely clothed human reconstruction with high- and low-frequency information, which contains two components. 1) To recover detailed geometry using HF information, we propose a progressive HF Signed Distance Function to enhance the detailed 3D geometry of a clothed human. We analyze that our progressive learning manner alleviates large gradients that hinder model convergence. 2) To achieve robust reconstruction against inaccurate estimation of the parametric model by using LF information, we propose a spatial interaction implicit function. This function effectively exploits the complementary spatial information from a low-resolution voxel grid of the parametric model. Experimental results demonstrate that HiLo outperforms the state-of-the-art methods by 10.43% and 9.54% in terms of Chamfer distance on the Thuman2.0 and CAPE datasets, respectively. Additionally, HiLo demonstrates robustness to noise from the parametric model, challenging poses, and various clothing styles.

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