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MOHO: Learning Single-view Hand-held Object Reconstruction with Multi-view Occlusion-Aware Supervision

Chenyangguang Zhang · Guanlong Jiao · Yan Di · Gu Wang · Ziqin Huang · Ruida Zhang · Fabian Manhardt · Bowen Fu · Federico Tombari · Xiangyang Ji

Arch 4A-E Poster #33
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Thu 20 Jun 10:30 a.m. PDT — noon PDT


Previous works concerning single-view hand-held object reconstruction typically rely on supervision from 3D ground-truth models, which are hard to collect in real world. In contrast, readily accessible hand-object videos offer a promising training data source, but they only give heavily occluded object observations. In this paper, we present a novel synthetic-to-real framework to exploit Multi-view Occlusion-aware supervision from hand-object videos for Hand-held Object reconstruction (MOHO) from a single image, tackling two predominant challenges in such setting: hand-induced occlusion and object's self-occlusion. First, in the synthetic pre-training stage, we render a large-scaled synthetic dataset SOMVideo with hand-object images and multi-view occlusion-free supervisions, adopted to address hand-induced occlusion in both 2D and 3D spaces. Second, in the real-world finetuning stage, MOHO leverages the amodal-mask-weighted geometric supervision to mitigate the unfaithful guidance caused by the hand-occluded supervising views in real world. Moreover, domain-consistent occlusion-aware features are amalgamated in MOHO to resist object's self-occlusion for inferring the complete object shape. Extensive experiments on HO3D and DexYCB datasets demonstrate 2D-supervised MOHO gains superior results against 3D-supervised methods by a large margin.

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