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Diffusion-based Video Generative Models

Mike Zheng Shou · Jay Zhangjie Wu · Deepti Ghadiyaram

Summit 437 - 439
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Tue 18 Jun 2 p.m. PDT — 5 p.m. PDT


In the past year, the landscape of video generation has transformed dramatically, achieving remarkable strides from rudimentary outputs to strikingly realistic videos. Central to this evolution are diffusion models, which have become a cornerstone technology in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in video generation. This tutorial will delve into the critical role of diffusion models in video generation and modeling.

Participants will engage in a deep dive into the broad spectrum of topics related to video generative models. We will start with the foundational elements, including the core principles of video foundation models. The session will then extend to explore specific applications such as image-to-video animation, video editing, and motion customization. A significant focus will also be placed on the evaluation of video diffusion models, as well as on safety technologies to mitigate the potential risks of using these models.

Attendees will leave this tutorial with a comprehensive understanding of both fundamental techniques and the cutting-edge advancements in diffusion-based video modeling, fully equipped to navigate and contribute to the rapidly evolving field in the GenAI era.

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