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Boosting Transductive Few-Shot Fine-Tuning With Margin-Based Uncertainty Weighting and Probability Regularization

Ran Tao · Hao Chen · Marios Savvides

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 324


Few-Shot Learning (FSL) has been rapidly developed in recent years, potentially eliminating the requirement for significant data acquisition. Few-shot fine-tuning has been demonstrated to be practically efficient and helpful, especially for out-of-distribution datum. In this work, we first observe that the few-shot fine-tuned methods are learned with the imbalanced class marginal distribution. This observation further motivates us to propose the Transductive Fine-tuning with Margin-based uncertainty weighting and Probability regularization (TF-MP), which learns a more balanced class marginal distribution. We first conduct sample weighting on the testing data with margin-based uncertainty scores and further regularize each test sample’s categorical probability. TF-MP achieves state-of-the-art performance on in- / out-of-distribution evaluations of Meta-Dataset and surpasses previous transductive methods by a large margin.

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