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Unbiased Scene Graph Generation in Videos

Sayak Nag · Kyle Min · Subarna Tripathi · Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 210


The task of dynamic scene graph generation (SGG) from videos is complicated and challenging due to the inherent dynamics of a scene, temporal fluctuation of model predictions, and the long-tailed distribution of the visual relationships in addition to the already existing challenges in image-based SGG. Existing methods for dynamic SGG have primarily focused on capturing spatio-temporal context using complex architectures without addressing the challenges mentioned above, especially the long-tailed distribution of relationships. This often leads to the generation of biased scene graphs. To address these challenges, we introduce a new framework called TEMPURA: TEmporal consistency and Memory Prototype guided UnceRtainty Attenuation for unbiased dynamic SGG. TEMPURA employs object-level temporal consistencies via transformer-based sequence modeling, learns to synthesize unbiased relationship representations using memory-guided training, and attenuates the predictive uncertainty of visual relations using a Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM). Extensive experiments demonstrate that our method achieves significant (up to 10% in some cases) performance gain over existing methods highlight- ing its superiority in generating more unbiased scene graphs. Code:

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