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CAP: Robust Point Cloud Classification via Semantic and Structural Modeling

Daizong Ding · Erling Jiang · Yuanmin Huang · Mi Zhang · Wenxuan Li · Min Yang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 385


Recently, deep neural networks have shown great success on 3D point cloud classification tasks, which simultaneously raises the concern of adversarial attacks that cause severe damage to real-world applications. Moreover, defending against adversarial examples in point cloud data is extremely difficult due to the emergence of various attack strategies. In this work, with the insight of the fact that the adversarial examples in this task still preserve the same semantic and structural information as the original input, we design a novel defense framework for improving the robustness of existing classification models, which consists of two main modules: the attention-based pooling and the dynamic contrastive learning. In addition, we also develop an algorithm to theoretically certify the robustness of the proposed framework. Extensive empirical results on two datasets and three classification models show the robustness of our approach against various attacks, e.g., the averaged attack success rate of PointNet decreases from 70.2% to 2.7% on the ModelNet40 dataset under 9 common attacks.

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