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Diffusion Art or Digital Forgery? Investigating Data Replication in Diffusion Models

Gowthami Somepalli · Vasu Singla · Micah Goldblum · Jonas Geiping · Tom Goldstein

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 184


Cutting-edge diffusion models produce images with high quality and customizability, enabling them to be used for commercial art and graphic design purposes. But do diffusion models create unique works of art, or are they replicating content directly from their training sets? In this work, we study image retrieval frameworks that enable us to compare generated images with training samples and detect when content has been replicated. Applying our frameworks to diffusion models trained on multiple datasets including Oxford flowers, Celeb-A, ImageNet, and LAION, we discuss how factors such as training set size impact rates of content replication. We also identify cases where diffusion models, including the popular Stable Diffusion model, blatantly copy from their training data.

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