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SIEDOB: Semantic Image Editing by Disentangling Object and Background

Wuyang Luo · Su Yang · Xinjian Zhang · Weishan Zhang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 178
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Semantic image editing provides users with a flexible tool to modify a given image guided by a corresponding segmentation map. In this task, the features of the foreground objects and the backgrounds are quite different. However, all previous methods handle backgrounds and objects as a whole using a monolithic model. Consequently, they remain limited in processing content-rich images and suffer from generating unrealistic objects and texture-inconsistent backgrounds. To address this issue, we propose a novel paradigm, Semantic Image Editing by Disentangling Object and Background (SIEDOB), the core idea of which is to explicitly leverages several heterogeneous subnetworks for objects and backgrounds. First, SIEDOB disassembles the edited input into background regions and instance-level objects. Then, we feed them into the dedicated generators. Finally, all synthesized parts are embedded in their original locations and utilize a fusion network to obtain a harmonized result. Moreover, to produce high-quality edited images, we propose some innovative designs, including Semantic-Aware Self-Propagation Module, Boundary-Anchored Patch Discriminator, and Style-Diversity Object Generator, and integrate them into SIEDOB. We conduct extensive experiments on Cityscapes and ADE20K-Room datasets and exhibit that our method remarkably outperforms the baselines, especially in synthesizing realistic and diverse objects and texture-consistent backgrounds.

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