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Tree Instance Segmentation With Temporal Contour Graph

Adnan Firoze · Cameron Wingren · Raymond A. Yeh · Bedrich Benes · Daniel Aliaga

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 210


We present a novel approach to perform instance segmentation, and counting, for densely packed self-similar trees using a top-view RGB image sequence. We propose a solution that leverages pixel content, shape, and self-occlusion. First, we perform an initial over-segmentation of the image sequence and aggregate structural characteristics into a contour graph with temporal information incorporated. Second, using a graph convolutional network and its inherent local messaging passing abilities, we merge adjacent tree crown patches into a final set of tree crowns. Per various studies and comparisons, our method is superior to all prior methods and results in high-accuracy instance segmentation and counting, despite the trees being tightly packed. Finally, we provide various forest image sequence datasets suitable for subsequent benchmarking and evaluation captured at different altitudes and leaf conditions.

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