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Contrastive Mean Teacher for Domain Adaptive Object Detectors

Shengcao Cao · Dhiraj Joshi · Liang-Yan Gui · Yu-Xiong Wang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 309


Object detectors often suffer from the domain gap between training (source domain) and real-world applications (target domain). Mean-teacher self-training is a powerful paradigm in unsupervised domain adaptation for object detection, but it struggles with low-quality pseudo-labels. In this work, we identify the intriguing alignment and synergy between mean-teacher self-training and contrastive learning. Motivated by this, we propose Contrastive Mean Teacher (CMT) -- a unified, general-purpose framework with the two paradigms naturally integrated to maximize beneficial learning signals. Instead of using pseudo-labels solely for final predictions, our strategy extracts object-level features using pseudo-labels and optimizes them via contrastive learning, without requiring labels in the target domain. When combined with recent mean-teacher self-training methods, CMT leads to new state-of-the-art target-domain performance: 51.9% mAP on Foggy Cityscapes, outperforming the previously best by 2.1% mAP. Notably, CMT can stabilize performance and provide more significant gains as pseudo-label noise increases.

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