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Sample-Level Multi-View Graph Clustering

Yuze Tan · Yixi Liu · Shudong Huang · Wentao Feng · Jiancheng Lv

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 321


Multi-view clustering have hitherto been studied due to their effectiveness in dealing with heterogeneous data. Despite the empirical success made by recent works, there still exists several severe challenges. Particularly, previous multi-view clustering algorithms seldom consider the topological structure in data, which is essential for clustering data on manifold. Moreover, existing methods cannot fully consistency the consistency of local structures between different views as they explore the clustering structure in a view-wise manner. In this paper, we propose to exploit the implied data manifold by learning the topological structure of data. Besides, considering that the consistency of multiple views is manifested in the generally similar local structure while the inconsistent structures are minority, we further explore the intersections of multiple views in the sample level such that the cross-view consistency can be better maintained. We model the above concerns in a unified framework and design an efficient algorithm to solve the corresponding optimization problem. Experimental results on various multi-view datasets certificate the effectiveness of the proposed method and verify its superiority over other SOTA approaches.

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