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Weak-Shot Object Detection Through Mutual Knowledge Transfer

Xuanyi Du · Weitao Wan · Chong Sun · Chen Li

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 303


Weak-shot Object Detection methods exploit a fully-annotated source dataset to facilitate the detection performance on the target dataset which only contains image-level labels for novel categories. To bridge the gap between these two datasets, we aim to transfer the object knowledge between the source (S) and target (T) datasets in a bi-directional manner. We propose a novel Knowledge Transfer (KT) loss which simultaneously distills the knowledge of objectness and class entropy from a proposal generator trained on the S dataset to optimize a multiple instance learning module on the T dataset. By jointly optimizing the classification loss and the proposed KT loss, the multiple instance learning module effectively learns to classify object proposals into novel categories in the T dataset with the transferred knowledge from base categories in the S dataset. Noticing the predicted boxes on the T dataset can be regarded as an extension for the original annotations on the S dataset to refine the proposal generator in return, we further propose a novel Consistency Filtering (CF) method to reliably remove inaccurate pseudo labels by evaluating the stability of the multiple instance learning module upon noise injections. Via mutually transferring knowledge between the S and T datasets in an iterative manner, the detection performance on the target dataset is significantly improved. Extensive experiments on public benchmarks validate that the proposed method performs favourably against the state-of-the-art methods without increasing the model parameters or inference computational complexity.

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