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Constrained Evolutionary Diffusion Filter for Monocular Endoscope Tracking

Xiongbiao Luo

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 058


Stochastic filtering is widely used to deal with nonlinear optimization problems such as 3-D and visual tracking in various computer vision and augmented reality applications. Many current methods suffer from an imbalance between exploration and exploitation due to their particle degeneracy and impoverishment, resulting in local optimums. To address this imbalance, this work proposes a new constrained evolutionary diffusion filter for nonlinear optimization. Specifically, this filter develops spatial state constraints and adaptive history-recall differential evolution embedded evolutionary stochastic diffusion instead of sequential resampling to resolve the degeneracy and impoverishment problem. With application to monocular endoscope 3-D tracking, the experimental results show that the proposed filtering significantly improves the balance between exploration and exploitation and certainly works better than recent 3-D tracking methods. Particularly, the surgical tracking error was reduced from 4.03 mm to 2.59 mm.

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