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Attention-Based Point Cloud Edge Sampling

Chengzhi Wu · Junwei Zheng · Julius Pfrommer · J├╝rgen Beyerer

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 114
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Point cloud sampling is a less explored research topic for this data representation. The most commonly used sampling methods are still classical random sampling and farthest point sampling. With the development of neural networks, various methods have been proposed to sample point clouds in a task-based learning manner. However, these methods are mostly generative-based, rather than selecting points directly using mathematical statistics. Inspired by the Canny edge detection algorithm for images and with the help of the attention mechanism, this paper proposes a non-generative Attention-based Point cloud Edge Sampling method (APES), which captures salient points in the point cloud outline. Both qualitative and quantitative experimental results show the superior performance of our sampling method on common benchmark tasks.

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