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An In-Depth Exploration of Person Re-Identification and Gait Recognition in Cloth-Changing Conditions

Weijia Li · Saihui Hou · Chunjie Zhang · Chunshui Cao · Xu Liu · Yongzhen Huang · Yao Zhao

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 140


The target of person re-identification (ReID) and gait recognition is consistent, that is to match the target pedestrian under surveillance cameras. For the cloth-changing problem, video-based ReID is rarely studied due to the lack of a suitable cloth-changing benchmark, and gait recognition is often researched under controlled conditions. To tackle this problem, we propose a Cloth-Changing benchmark for Person re-identification and Gait recognition (CCPG). It is a cloth-changing dataset, and there are several highlights in CCPG, (1) it provides 200 identities and over 16K sequences are captured indoors and outdoors, (2) each identity has seven different cloth-changing statuses, which is hardly seen in previous datasets, (3) RGB and silhouettes version data are both available for research purposes. Moreover, aiming to investigate the cloth-changing problem systematically, comprehensive experiments are conducted on video-based ReID and gait recognition methods. The experimental results demonstrate the superiority of ReID and gait recognition separately in different cloth-changing conditions and suggest that gait recognition is a potential solution for addressing the cloth-changing problem. Our dataset will be available at

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