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Cross-Guided Optimization of Radiance Fields With Multi-View Image Super-Resolution for High-Resolution Novel View Synthesis

Youngho Yoon · Kuk-Jin Yoon

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 008


Novel View Synthesis (NVS) aims at synthesizing an image from an arbitrary viewpoint using multi-view images and camera poses. Among the methods for NVS, Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) is capable of NVS for an arbitrary resolution as it learns a continuous volumetric representation. However, radiance fields rely heavily on the spectral characteristics of coordinate-based networks. Thus, there is a limit to improving the performance of high-resolution novel view synthesis (HRNVS). To solve this problem, we propose a novel framework using cross-guided optimization of the single-image super-resolution (SISR) and radiance fields. We perform multi-view image super-resolution (MVSR) on train-view images during the radiance fields optimization process. It derives the updated SR result by fusing the feature map obtained from SISR and voxel-based uncertainty fields generated by integrated errors of train-view images. By repeating the updates during radiance fields optimization, train-view images for radiance fields optimization have multi-view consistency and high-frequency details simultaneously, ultimately improving the performance of HRNVS. Experiments of HRNVS and MVSR on various benchmark datasets show that the proposed method significantly surpasses existing methods.

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