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EfficientSCI: Densely Connected Network With Space-Time Factorization for Large-Scale Video Snapshot Compressive Imaging

Lishun Wang · Miao Cao · Xin Yuan

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 191


Video snapshot compressive imaging (SCI) uses a two-dimensional detector to capture consecutive video frames during a single exposure time. Following this, an efficient reconstruction algorithm needs to be designed to reconstruct the desired video frames. Although recent deep learning-based state-of-the-art (SOTA) reconstruction algorithms have achieved good results in most tasks, they still face the following challenges due to excessive model complexity and GPU memory limitations: 1) these models need high computational cost, and 2) they are usually unable to reconstruct large-scale video frames at high compression ratios. To address these issues, we develop an efficient network for video SCI by using dense connections and space-time factorization mechanism within a single residual block, dubbed EfficientSCI. The EfficientSCI network can well establish spatial-temporal correlation by using convolution in the spatial domain and Transformer in the temporal domain, respectively. We are the first time to show that an UHD color video with high compression ratio can be reconstructed from a snapshot 2D measurement using a single end-to-end deep learning model with PSNR above 32 dB. Extensive results on both simulation and real data show that our method significantly outperforms all previous SOTA algorithms with better real-time performance.

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