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Partial Network Cloning

Jingwen Ye · Songhua Liu · Xinchao Wang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 347


In this paper, we study a novel task that enables partial knowledge transfer from pre-trained models, which we term as Partial Network Cloning (PNC). Unlike prior methods that update all or at least part of the parameters in the target network throughout the knowledge transfer process, PNC conducts partial parametric “cloning” from a source network and then injects the cloned module to the target, without modifying its parameters. Thanks to the transferred module, the target network is expected to gain additional functionality, such as inference on new classes; whenever needed, the cloned module can be readily removed from the target, with its original parameters and competence kept intact. Specifically, we introduce an innovative learning scheme that allows us to identify simultaneously the component to be cloned from the source and the position to be inserted within the target network, so as to ensure the optimal performance. Experimental results on several datasets demonstrate that, our method yields a significant improvement of 5% in accuracy and 50% in locality when compared with parameter-tuning based methods.

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