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VGFlow: Visibility Guided Flow Network for Human Reposing

Rishabh Jain · Krishna Kumar Singh · Mayur Hemani · Jingwan Lu · Mausoom Sarkar · Duygu Ceylan · Balaji Krishnamurthy

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 046


The task of human reposing involves generating a realistic image of a model standing in an arbitrary conceivable pose. There are multiple difficulties in generating perceptually accurate images and existing methods suffers from limitations in preserving texture, maintaining pattern coherence, respecting cloth boundaries, handling occlusions, manipulating skin generation etc. These difficulties are further exacerbated by the fact that the possible space of pose orientation for humans is large and variable, the nature of clothing items are highly non-rigid and the diversity in body shape differ largely among the population. To alleviate these difficulties and synthesize perceptually accurate images, we propose VGFlow, a model which uses a visibility guided flow module to disentangle the flow into visible and invisible parts of the target for simultaneous texture preservation and style manipulation. Furthermore, to tackle distinct body shapes and avoid network artifacts, we also incorporate an a self-supervised patch-wise ”realness” loss to further improve the output. VGFlow achieves state-of-the-art results as observed qualitatively and quantitatively on different image quality metrics(SSIM, LPIPS, FID).

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