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Hierarchical Temporal Transformer for 3D Hand Pose Estimation and Action Recognition From Egocentric RGB Videos

Yilin Wen · Hao Pan · Lei Yang · Jia Pan · Taku Komura · Wenping Wang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 061


Understanding dynamic hand motions and actions from egocentric RGB videos is a fundamental yet challenging task due to self-occlusion and ambiguity. To address occlusion and ambiguity, we develop a transformer-based framework to exploit temporal information for robust estimation. Noticing the different temporal granularity of and the semantic correlation between hand pose estimation and action recognition, we build a network hierarchy with two cascaded transformer encoders, where the first one exploits the short-term temporal cue for hand pose estimation, and the latter aggregates per-frame pose and object information over a longer time span to recognize the action. Our approach achieves competitive results on two first-person hand action benchmarks, namely FPHA and H2O. Extensive ablation studies verify our design choices.

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