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Dynamic Generative Targeted Attacks With Pattern Injection

Weiwei Feng · Nanqing Xu · Tianzhu Zhang · Yongdong Zhang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 386


Adversarial attacks can evaluate model robustness and have been of great concerns in recent years. Among various attacks, targeted attacks aim at misleading victim models to output adversary-desired predictions, which are more challenging and threatening than untargeted ones. Existing targeted attacks can be roughly divided into instancespecific and instance-agnostic attacks. Instance-specific attacks craft adversarial examples via iterative gradient updating on the specific instance. In contrast, instanceagnostic attacks learn a universal perturbation or a generative model on the global dataset to perform attacks. However they rely too much on the classification boundary of substitute models, ignoring the realistic distribution of target class, which may result in limited targeted attack performance. And there is no attempt to simultaneously combine the information of the specific instance and the global dataset. To deal with these limitations, we first conduct an analysis via a causal graph and propose to craft transferable targeted adversarial examples by injecting target patterns. Based on this analysis, we introduce a generative attack model composed of a cross-attention guided convolution module and a pattern injection module. Concretely, the former adopts a dynamic convolution kernel and a static convolution kernel for the specific instance and the global dataset, respectively, which can inherit the advantages of both instance-specific and instance-agnostic attacks. And the pattern injection module utilizes a pattern prototype to encode target patterns, which can guide the generation of targeted adversarial examples. Besides, we also provide rigorous theoretical analysis to guarantee the effectiveness of our method. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our method show superior performance than 10 existing adversarial attacks against 13 models.

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