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Towards Flexible Multi-Modal Document Models

Naoto Inoue · Kotaro Kikuchi · Edgar Simo-Serra · Mayu Otani · Kota Yamaguchi

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 185
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Creative workflows for generating graphical documents involve complex inter-related tasks, such as aligning elements, choosing appropriate fonts, or employing aesthetically harmonious colors. In this work, we attempt at building a holistic model that can jointly solve many different design tasks. Our model, which we denote by FlexDM, treats vector graphic documents as a set of multi-modal elements, and learns to predict masked fields such as element type, position, styling attributes, image, or text, using a unified architecture. Through the use of explicit multi-task learning and in-domain pre-training, our model can better capture the multi-modal relationships among the different document fields. Experimental results corroborate that our single FlexDM is able to successfully solve a multitude of different design tasks, while achieving performance that is competitive with task-specific and costly baselines.

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