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Efficient and Explicit Modelling of Image Hierarchies for Image Restoration

Yawei Li · Yuchen Fan · Xiaoyu Xiang · Denis Demandolx · Rakesh Ranjan · Radu Timofte · Luc Van Gool

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The aim of this paper is to propose a mechanism to efficiently and explicitly model image hierarchies in the global, regional, and local range for image restoration. To achieve that, we start by analyzing two important properties of natural images including cross-scale similarity and anisotropic image features. Inspired by that, we propose the anchored stripe self-attention which achieves a good balance between the space and time complexity of self-attention and the modelling capacity beyond the regional range. Then we propose a new network architecture dubbed GRL to explicitly model image hierarchies in the Global, Regional, and Local range via anchored stripe self-attention, window self-attention, and channel attention enhanced convolution. Finally, the proposed network is applied to 7 image restoration types, covering both real and synthetic settings. The proposed method sets the new state-of-the-art for several of those. Code will be available at

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