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MM-3DScene: 3D Scene Understanding by Customizing Masked Modeling With Informative-Preserved Reconstruction and Self-Distilled Consistency

Mingye Xu · Mutian Xu · Tong He · Wanli Ouyang · Yali Wang · Xiaoguang Han · Yu Qiao

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 024


Masked Modeling (MM) has demonstrated widespread success in various vision challenges, by reconstructing masked visual patches. Yet, applying MM for large-scale 3D scenes remains an open problem due to the data sparsity and scene complexity. The conventional random masking paradigm used in 2D images often causes a high risk of ambiguity when recovering the masked region of 3D scenes. To this end, we propose a novel informative-preserved reconstruction, which explores local statistics to discover and preserve the representative structured points, effectively enhancing the pretext masking task for 3D scene understanding. Integrated with a progressive reconstruction manner, our method can concentrate on modeling regional geometry and enjoy less ambiguity for masked reconstruction. Besides, such scenes with progressive masking ratios can also serve to self-distill their intrinsic spatial consistency, requiring to learn the consistent representations from unmasked areas. By elegantly combining informative-preserved reconstruction on masked areas and consistency self-distillation from unmasked areas, a unified framework called MM-3DScene is yielded. We conduct comprehensive experiments on a host of downstream tasks. The consistent improvement (e.g., +6.1% mAP@0.5 on object detection and +2.2% mIoU on semantic segmentation) demonstrates the superiority of our approach.

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