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Genie: Show Me the Data for Quantization

Yongkweon Jeon · Chungman Lee · Ho-young Kim

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 366


Zero-shot quantization is a promising approach for developing lightweight deep neural networks when data is inaccessible owing to various reasons, including cost and issues related to privacy. By exploiting the learned parameters (ยต and sigma) of batch normalization layers in an FP32-pre-trained model, zero-shot quantization schemes focus on generating synthetic data. Subsequently, they distill knowledge from the pre-trained model (teacher) to the quantized model (student) such that the quantized model can be optimized with the synthetic dataset. However, thus far, zero-shot quantization has primarily been discussed in the context of quantization-aware training methods, which require task-specific losses and long-term optimization as much as retraining. We thus introduce a post-training quantization scheme for zero-shot quantization that produces high-quality quantized networks within a few hours. Furthermore, we propose a framework called GENIE that generates data suited for quantization. With the data synthesized by GENIE, we can produce robust quantized models without real datasets, which is comparable to few-shot quantization. We also propose a post-training quantization algorithm to enhance the performance of quantized models. By combining them, we can bridge the gap between zero-shot and few-shot quantization while significantly improving the quantization performance compared to that of existing approaches. In other words, we can obtain a unique state-of-the-art zero-shot quantization approach.

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