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QuantArt: Quantizing Image Style Transfer Towards High Visual Fidelity

Siyu Huang · Jie An · Donglai Wei · Jiebo Luo · Hanspeter Pfister

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 174


The mechanism of existing style transfer algorithms is by minimizing a hybrid loss function to push the generated image toward high similarities in both content and style. However, this type of approach cannot guarantee visual fidelity, i.e., the generated artworks should be indistinguishable from real ones. In this paper, we devise a new style transfer framework called QuantArt for high visual-fidelity stylization. QuantArt pushes the latent representation of the generated artwork toward the centroids of the real artwork distribution with vector quantization. By fusing the quantized and continuous latent representations, QuantArt allows flexible control over the generated artworks in terms of content preservation, style similarity, and visual fidelity. Experiments on various style transfer settings show that our QuantArt framework achieves significantly higher visual fidelity compared with the existing style transfer methods.

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