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Disentangling Orthogonal Planes for Indoor Panoramic Room Layout Estimation With Cross-Scale Distortion Awareness

Zhijie Shen · Zishuo Zheng · Chunyu Lin · Lang Nie · Kang Liao · Shuai Zheng · Yao Zhao

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 082


Based on the Manhattan World assumption, most existing indoor layout estimation schemes focus on recovering layouts from vertically compressed 1D sequences. However, the compression procedure confuses the semantics of different planes, yielding inferior performance with ambiguous interpretability. To address this issue, we propose to disentangle this 1D representation by pre-segmenting orthogonal (vertical and horizontal) planes from a complex scene, explicitly capturing the geometric cues for indoor layout estimation. Considering the symmetry between the floor boundary and ceiling boundary, we also design a soft-flipping fusion strategy to assist the pre-segmentation. Besides, we present a feature assembling mechanism to effectively integrate shallow and deep features with distortion distribution awareness. To compensate for the potential errors in pre-segmentation, we further leverage triple attention to reconstruct the disentangled sequences for better performance. Experiments on four popular benchmarks demonstrate our superiority over existing SoTA solutions, especially on the 3DIoU metric. The code is available at

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