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VectorFloorSeg: Two-Stream Graph Attention Network for Vectorized Roughcast Floorplan Segmentation

Bingchen Yang · Haiyong Jiang · Hao Pan · Jun Xiao

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 129
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Vector graphics (VG) are ubiquitous in industrial designs. In this paper, we address semantic segmentation of a typical VG, i.e., roughcast floorplans with bare wall structures, whose output can be directly used for further applications like interior furnishing and room space modeling. Previous semantic segmentation works mostly process well-decorated floorplans in raster images and usually yield aliased boundaries and outlier fragments in segmented rooms, due to pixel-level segmentation that ignores the regular elements (e.g. line segments) in vector floorplans. To overcome these issues, we propose to fully utilize the regular elements in vector floorplans for more integral segmentation. Our pipeline predicts room segmentation from vector floorplans by dually classifying line segments as room boundaries, and regions partitioned by line segments as room segments. To fully exploit the structural relationships between lines and regions, we use two-stream graph neural networks to process the line segments and partitioned regions respectively, and devise a novel modulated graph attention layer to fuse the heterogeneous information from one stream to the other. Extensive experiments show that by directly operating on vector floorplans, we outperform image-based methods in both mIoU and mAcc. In addition, we propose a new metric that captures room integrity and boundary regularity, which confirms that our method produces much more regular segmentations. Source code is available at

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