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Balanced Energy Regularization Loss for Out-of-Distribution Detection

hyunjun choi · Hawook Jeong · Jin Young Choi

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 318


In the field of out-of-distribution (OOD) detection, a previous method that use auxiliary data as OOD data has shown promising performance. However, the method provides an equal loss to all auxiliary data to differentiate them from inliers. However, based on our observation, in various tasks, there is a general imbalance in the distribution of the auxiliary OOD data across classes. We propose a balanced energy regularization loss that is simple but generally effective for a variety of tasks. Our balanced energy regularization loss utilizes class-wise different prior probabilities for auxiliary data to address the class imbalance in OOD data. The main concept is to regularize auxiliary samples from majority classes, more heavily than those from minority classes. Our approach performs better for OOD detection in semantic segmentation, long-tailed image classification, and image classification than the prior energy regularization loss. Furthermore, our approach achieves state-of-the-art performance in two tasks: OOD detection in semantic segmentation and long-tailed image classification.

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