CVPR 2023
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Third Workshop on Ethical Considerations in Creative Applications of Computer Vision - EC3V

Rida Qadri · Mohammad Havaei · Emily Denton · Ziad Al-Halah · Fernando Diaz · Negar Rostamzadeh · Sarah Laszlo · Shalaleh Rismani · Atieh Taheri · Pamela Peter-Agbia · Eva Kozanecka

West 103 - 104

Keywords:  CV for social good  

Computer vision technologies like generative image models are rapidly being integrated into creative domains to, for example, aid in artistic content retrieval and curation, generate synthetic media, or enable new forms of artistic methods and creations. However, creative AI technologies bring with them a host of ethical concerns, ranging from representational harms associated culturally sensitive matter to impact on artistic practices and copyright and ownership concerns. In particular, it is unclear what kinds of performance failures and biases these models bring when deployed in cross-cultural and non-western settings.

We encourage retrospective discussions, position papers examining the cross-cultural and social impacts of creative applications of computer vision, ethical considerations in this domain including but not limited to artwork attributions, inequity in cultural performance, cultural appropriation, environmental impacts of generative arts, biases embedded in generative arts, dynamics of art marketplaces/platforms, and policy perspectives on creative AI.

Our aim is to create a platform for interdisciplinary discussions on these issues among computer vision researchers, socio-technical researchers, policy makers, social scientists, artists, and other cultural stakeholders. This year our Generative Art Demo will invite artists to use computer vision technologies to create art pieces that center questions and topics of cultural significance and create space for collective reflections on the role of AI art especially within non-western communities.

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