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CVPR 2023 Awards

  • Best Paper: Visual Programming: Compositional visual reasoning without training
  • Best Paper: Planning-oriented Autonomous Driving
  • Honorable Mention: DynIBaR: Neural Dynamic Image-Based Rendering
  • Best Student Paper: 3D Registration with Maximal Cliques
  • Honorable Mention (Student): DreamBooth: Fine Tuning Text-to-Image Diffusion Models for Subject-Driven Generation

Award Committee

  • Kristen Grauman (chair)
  • Dima Damen
  • Gang Hua
  • Ian Reid
  • Ko Nishino
  • Laurens van der Maaten
  • Tinne Tuytelaars

CVPR 2023 Demo Awards

Category: Outstanding Demos

  • Title: "Diffusion illiusions: Hiding images in plain sight"
    Ryan Burgert, Kanchana Ranasinge, Xiang Li, Michael Ryoo
  • Title: "ARTificial Expressions: Interactive Human-Robot Painting"
    Yejin Kim
  • Title: "RopeNet: finetuning RepNet for superhuman scoring of competitive jump rope events"
    Dylan Plummer

Category: Outstanding AI Artist Award

  • Infinite Vibes