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CVPR 2023 Demos (and Art Gallery!)

Applications for demos at CVPR 2023 are now open. If accepted, your demo will have a booth that is next to and concurrent with the CVPR poster session where you can show off your work to thousands of CVPR presenters and attendees. Demos can be as complicated as a robotics demonstration or as simple as a mobile app running on a phone — the goal is to provide a compelling and intimate platform for engaging with other CVPR presenters and attendees. Demos can be associated with a publication at CVPR 2023 (or at any other conference), but this is not a requirement, and demos that do not correspond to any publication are encouraged. To submit your demo proposal, fill out the form here.

This year, in response to the exciting recent progress in generative media and neural rendering, we’re broadening the demo track to also include an “art gallery”. If you’re an artist working in AI-powered or generative media (NeRF, Diffusion, GANs, AR effects, etc), or a computer vision researcher with some visually engaging results, please submit your work! We welcome any artistic images or videos that provoke discussion or delight, including carefully-created fine art, creative artistic results using existing algorithms, or weird glitchy research failures. We hope that this will help artists connect with members of the computer vision research community, while also allowing researchers to appreciate and ponder the many new artistic applications of their work. If accepted, your art will be displayed alongside other such submissions, likely on a series of displays playing looping videos throughout the conference. You are not obligated to register for CVPR if your submission is accepted, nor will free registration be provided if your work is accepted. To submit your work, fill out the form here. This is our first time trying this at CVPR so we’re still figuring out exactly what this will look like, so if this interests you but you’d like to talk through some specifics please email the demo chairs

Our committee will be awarding “best demo” and “best art” awards, each of which will come with a cash award.


Demo Submission Due Date: Mar 10, 2024 AOE

Demo Acceptance Notification Date: The date DemoApplicationNotification not found.

Demonstrations: June 20-22 2023

Demos are strictly non-virtual this year, so if you submit you should plan on attending in person. All submissions will be reviewed.

Please note that the demo track is not intended to serve as a showcase for mature commercial products, as this is the purpose of the CVPR Expo / Exhibitor Program.

Email the CVPR 2023 demo chairs at if you have any questions.