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CVPR 2023 Tentative Program Overview

This year, CVPR will be single track such that everyone (with full passport registration) can attend everything. The focus will be on few selected plenary talks, scientific discussions at poster sessions and plenty of time for networking and socializing. Each paper will be presented at a poster session. All paper award candidates will have a plenary oral talk. Every attendee will have access to a personalized digital program. The virtual platform will host videos, posters and a chat room for every paper. All plenary events will be streamed.

Papers are assigned to poster sessions such that topics are maximally spread over sessions (attendees will find interesting papers at each session) while grouping similar posters within each poster session to minimize walking distances. We used a 1D t-SNE projection of the SPECTER paper embeddings to realize this assignment.

CVPR 2023 Program Overview Graphic 

Keynote Speakers:


  • History and Future of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
    Chelsea Finn (Stanford), Dan Huttenlocher (MIT), Linda Shapiro (University of Washington), Jamie Shotton (Wayve)

  • Vision, Language, and Creativity
    Aaron Hertzmann (Adobe), Michal Irani (Weizmann Institute of Science), Devi Parikh (Georgia Tech), Jason Salavon (University of Chicago)

  • Scientific Discovery and the Environment
    Elizabeth A. Barnes (Colorado State University), Sara Beery (MIT), Josh Bloom (UC Berkeley), Kyle Cranmer (UW Madison)