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CVPR 2023 Workshop List

The workshop and tutorials booklet pdf is available for download.

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6th International Workshop on Visual Odometry and Computer Vision Applications Based on Location Clues Guoyu Lu 06/18  PM West 302 - 305
Computer Vision for Mixed Reality Rakesh Ranjan 06/18  AM West 301

Autonomous driving

End-to-End Autonomous Driving: Perception, Prediction, Planning and Simulation Li Zhang 06/18  PM East Exhibit Hall A
Secure and Safe Autonomous Driving Workshop and Challenge (SSAD) Chejian Xu 06/19  All Day West 301
Vision-Centric Autonomous Driving (VCAD) Yue Wang 06/19  All Day West 202 - 204
Workshop on Autonomous Driving (WAD) Vincent Casser 06/18  All Day East Ballroom C
Workshop on End-to-end Autonomous Driving Hongyang Li 06/18  All Day West 110


CVPR 2023 Biometrics Workshop Bir Bhanu 06/18  All Day West 113
The 4th Face Anti-spoofing Workshop and Challenge Jun Wan 06/19  PM East 1
The Sixth International Workshop on Computer Vision for Physiological Measurement (CVPM) Wenjin Wang 06/19  AM East 14

Community building

LatinX in Computer Vision Research Workshop Estefanía Talavera 06/18  All Day West 107 - 108
Scholars and Big Models — How Can Academics Adapt? Anand Bhattad 06/19  PM East Exhibit Hall B
Women in Computer Vision Workshop Ivaxi Sheth 06/19  AM West 205 - 206

Computational Photography

12th IEEE International Workshop on Computational Cameras and Displays (CCD) He Sun 06/18  All Day West 117
8th New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement Workshop and Challenges Radu Timofte 06/18  All Day West 306
Second Workshop of Mobile Intelligent Photography and Imaging Chongyi Li 06/18  AM East 10
The 3rd Workshop on Light Fields for Computer Vision LFNAT: New Applications and Trends in Light Fields Hao Sheng 06/18  PM West 215 - 216
The 6th Workshop and Prize Challenge Bridging the Gap between Computational Photography and Visual Recognition (UG2+) in conjunction with IEEE CVPR 2023 Zhiyuan Mao 06/19  All Day West 107 - 108

CV for non-traditional modalities

19th CVPR Workshop on Perception Beyond the Visible Spectrum (PBVS 2023) Riad Hammoud 06/18  All Day East 15
4th International Workshop on Event-based Vision Guillermo Gallego 06/19  All Day West 209

CV for social good

1st Workshop on Multimodal Content Moderation Mei Chen 06/18  All Day East 17
AVA: Accessibility, Vision, and Autonomy Meet Eshed Ohn-Bar 06/18  PM West 111 - 112
Third Workshop on Ethical Considerations in Creative Applications of Computer Vision - EC3V Rida Qadri 06/18  AM West 103 - 104
VizWiz Grand Challenge: Describing Images and Videos Taken by Blind People Danna Gurari 06/19  AM West 210

CV + X: Biomedical

8th Workshop on Computer Vision for Microscopy Image Analysis Mei Chen 06/19  All Day East 10
CVPR 2023 - 10th Workshop on Medical Computer Vision (MCV) Vasileios Belagiannis 06/18  All Day East 1

CV+X: environment

2nd Workshop on Multimodal Learning for Earth and Environment (MultiEarth) Greg Angelides 06/19  PM West 109 - 110
4th Agriculture-Vision Workshop: Challenges & Opportunities for Computer Vision in Agriculture Jennifer Hobbs 06/19  AM West 212
EarthVision: Large Scale Computer Vision for Remote Sensing Imagery Ronny Haensch 06/18  All Day West 213 - 214

CV+X: industrial

3rd Workshop and Challenge on Computer Vision in the Built Environment for the Design, Construction, and Operation of Buildings Iro Armeni 06/18  All Day East 7
DL-UIA: Deep Learning in Ultrasound Image Analysis Mengliu Zhao 06/18  AM West 114
Workshop on Vision-based InduStrial InspectiON (VISION) Meng Cao 06/19  All Day West 208

Data for visual recognition

2nd Workshop and Challenge on Vision Datasets Understanding Fatemeh Saleh 06/18  PM West 211
Synthetic Data for Autonomous Systems (SDAS) Omar Maher 06/18  AM West 302 - 305

Efficient CV

3rd Mobile AI Workshop and Challenges Andrey Ignatov 06/19  AM-Virtual; PM-Hybrid Virtual (AM); West 114 - 115 (PM)
EMBEDDED VISION WORKSHOP 2023 Branislav Kisacanin 06/19  All Day West 213
Fourth Workshop on Neural Architecture Search, Third lightweight NAS challenge Stephen McGough 06/18  All Day East 19 - 20
The 6th Efficient Deep Learning for Computer Vision Bichen Wu 06/19  All Day West 118 - 120


5th Workshop and Competition on Affective Behavior Analysis in-the-wild Dimitrios Kollias 06/19  AM West 306
GAZE 2023: The 5th International Workshop on Gaze Estimation and Prediction in the Wild Hyung Jin Chang 06/18  AM West 115
The Fourth Workshop on Face and Gesture Analysis for Health Informatics (FGAHI) Carnegie Mellon University 06/18  PM West 212

General track

2nd Challenge on Machine Visual Common Sense: Perception, Prediction, Planning Yining Hong 06/19  PM West 116 - 117
4D Hand Object Interaction: Geometric Understanding and Applications in Dexterous Manipulation Li Yi 06/18  PM East 13
Catch UAVs that Want to Watch You: Detection and Tracking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in the Wild and the 3rd Anti-UAV Workshop & Challenge Jian Zhao 06/18  AM West 121 - 122
Computer Vision for Fashion, Art, and Design Leonidas Lefakis 06/18  PM East Ballroom B
CV4Animals: Computer Vision for Animal Behavior Tracking and Modeling (Workshop) Silvia Zuffi 06/18  All Day East 4
Image Matching: Local Features and Beyond Eduard Trulls 06/19  AM West 109 - 110
Multi-Agent Behavior: Properties, Computation and Emergence Markus Marks 06/19  AM West 215 - 216
Photogrammetric Computer Vision Ewelina Rupnik 06/19  PM West 211
QCVML: Quantum Computer Vision and Machine Learning Workshop Tolga Birdal 06/18  PM West 202 - 204
RetailVision - Revolutionizing the World of Retail Ehud Barnea 06/19  AM West 215 - 216
Sight and Sound Andrew Owens 06/19  All Day West 207
The 4th Workshop on Omnidirectional Computer Vision 06/19  PM East 2
VAND: Visual Anomaly and Novelty Detection Latha Pemula 06/18  AM East 13

Geometry-Based Learning

1st Workshop on Compositional 3D Vision & 3DCoMPaT Challenge Habib Slim 06/18  PM West 205 - 206
The Fifth Workshop on Deep Learning for Geometric Computing Dena Bazazian 06/19  All Day East Ballroom C
The Second Workshop on Structural and Compositional Learning on 3D Data Kaichun Mo 06/18  AM West 205 - 206
Topological, Algebraic, and Geometric Pattern Recognition with Applications Workshop Proposal Tegan Emerson 06/18  All Day East 16

Image & video generation

AI for Content Creation Deqing Sun 06/19  All Day East Exhibit Hall A
Generative Models for Computer Vision Adam Kortylewski 06/18  All Day East Exhibit Hall B


2nd Workshop on Federated Learning for Computer Vision Chen Chen 06/19  All Day West 217 - 219
4th Workshop on Continual Learning in Computer Vision (CLVision) Gido van de Ven 06/18  All Day East 2
FGVC10: 10th Workshop on Fine-grained Visual Categorization Nico Lang 06/18  All Day West 210
L3D-IVU: 2nd Workshop on Learning with Limited Labelled Data for Image and Video Understanding Mennatullah Siam 06/19  All Day East 3
The 3rd Workshop of Adversarial Machine Learning on Computer Vision: Art of Robustness Aishan Liu 06/18  All Day East 3

Media Forensics

7th Workshop on Media Forensics Hany Farid 06/18  All Day West 105 - 106
Visual Copy Detection Workshop Ed Pizzi 06/19  AM East 12

Multiview 3D

3DMV: Learning 3D with Multi-View Supervision Abdullah J Hamdi 06/19  AM East Exhibit Hall B
5th ScanNet Indoor Scene Understanding Challenge Angela Dai 06/19  PM West 205 - 206
High-fidelity Neural Actors Markos Georgopoulos 06/18  PM West 121 - 122
XRNeRF: Advances in NeRF for the Metaverse Aayush Prakash 06/18  AM East Ballroom B

Open-world recognition

Computer Vision in the Wild Chunyuan Li 06/19  All Day East Ballroom B
OmniLabel: Infinite label spaces for semantic understanding via natural language Samuel Schulter 06/18  AM West 207
Visual Perception via Learning in an Open World Shu Kong 06/18  All Day West 118 - 120

Pose estimation and tracking

2nd Workshop on Tracking and Its Many Guises: Tracking Any Object in Open-World Idil Esen Zulfikar 06/18  All Day East 11
9th IEEE International Workshop on Computer Vision in Sports (CVsports) Rikke Gade 06/19  All Day West 214

Representation Learning

The 2nd International Workshop on Transformers for Vision Gedas Bertasius 06/18  All Day East Ballroom A
Workshop on Foundation Models: 1st Foundation Model Challenge Teng Xi 06/19  AM East 1

Responsible CV

Safe Artificial Intelligence for All Domains Timo Saemann 06/19  All Day East 13
The 2nd Explainable AI for Computer Vision (XAI4CV) Workshop Sunnie S. Y. Kim 06/19  All Day West 121 - 122
The Fourth Workshop on Fair, Data-efficient, and Trusted Computer Vision Srikrishna Karanam 06/18  All Day West 217 - 219


4th Embodied AI Workshop Claudia D'Arpino 06/19  All Day East Ballroom A
The 4th CVPR Workshop on 3D Scene Understanding for Vision, Graphics, and Robotics Siyuan Huang 06/18  All Day West 220 - 222
The Second Workshop on 3D Vision and Robotics Zhenyu Jiang 06/18  All Day West 109
Visual Pre-training for Robotics Ilija Radosavovic 06/19  All Day West 220 - 222

Scene Understanding

6th Multi-modal Learning and Applications Workshop (MULA) Michael Ying Yang 06/18  All Day West 223 - 224
Vision for All Seasons: Adverse Weather and Lighting Conditions Dengxin Dai 06/19  All Day East 9

Single-view 3D

1st workshop on Capturing, Interpreting & Visualizing Indoor Living Spaces Naji Khosravan 06/18  PM East 12
2nd Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge Jaime Spencer 06/18  AM West 208 - 209
DynaVis: The 4th International Workshop on Dynamic Scene Reconstruction Armin Mustafa 06/19  PM West 223 - 224
First Rhobin Challenge - Reconstruction of human-object interaction Xi Wang 06/19  AM East 18

Video understanding

3rd International Workshop and Challenge on Long-form Video Understanding and Generation Mike Zheng Shou 06/18  AM West 111 - 112
4th International Workshop on Large Scale Holistic Video Understanding Vivek Sharma 06/18  AM East 8
7th AI City Challenge Workshop Milind Naphade 06/19  All Day East 4
Joint 3rd Ego4D and 11th EPIC Workshop on Egocentric Vision 06/19  All Day West 111 - 112
Pixel-level Video Understanding in the Wild Challenge Jiaxu Miao 06/18  PM West 301
The Fifth Workshop on Precognition: Seeing through the Future Khoa Luu 06/18  PM West 207


New Frontiers for Zero-Shot Image Captioning Evaluation Taehoon Kim 06/18  AM West 116
New Frontiers in Visual Language Reasoning: Compositionality, Prompts and Causality Ziliang Chen 06/18  All Day East 9
O-DRUM: Workshop on Open-Domain Reasoning Under Multi-Modal Settings Tejas Gokhale 06/19  All Day West 201