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Poster Printing Information

CVPR 2023 offers a poster printing service for attendees who like to collect their printed poster onsite at the Vancouver convention center. The poster printing service can be used both for papers that appear at the main conference as well as for workshop papers.

General Poster Information

Posters will be 84” x 42” = 213 cm x 107cm (WxH, aspect ratio 2:1, landscape format). If you want to use the CVPR logo on your poster, you can download them as a zip file here:

Feel free to use your own artwork, but we recommend to use a 3 or 4 column layout, and to use little text and few large but expressive figures on your poster. The poster should not be a copy-paste of your paper, but provide you the “tools” to give a 5-10 minute presentation of your work to any attendee. We recommend looking at posters from previous conferences for inspiration. If you like, you can also base your poster on the following pptx template which contains additional hints and tips:

Main Conference Posters

When printing a poster for a paper in the main conference, please visit the following spreadsheet to retrieve your "Presentation Date", "Poster Number" and "Tag" which you will be required to enter while purchasing your poster. It is important that this information is correct such that all posters can be sorted and quickly found when picking them up on site.

Workshop Posters

When printing a poster for a paper at a workshop, please visit the following spreadsheet to retrieve your "Presentation Date" and "Tag". You can leave the poster number field empty.

Poster Printing Service

Most users can access the preferred without issues. However, we have noticed that some European users have access issues. Use if you have any difficulties with


  • Regular: $87 USD Each 
  • Late: $145 USD Each  (After June 2nd)
  • RUSH $199 USD