Exhibitor and Sponsor Information

The IEEE / CVF Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR) is the premier annual computer vision, and AI event.

Connect in-person with more than 10,000 leading computer vision and AI professionals. 

More than 10,000 professionals come from academia and industry where they are hard at work in developing the next generation of computer vision and AI algorithms, experimental and commercial computer vision products and intelligent systems. 

The CVPR Conference and Expo offers unparalleled exposure and attracts the leaders in the industry by consistently delivering a focused, educational, and networking conference. This is your chance to network with the top talent and industry leaders who want to make the most of their investment by making new professional connections.

Here is just a snapshot of their professional profile (from CVPR 2023 Attendee Survey).

Type of Business or Organization

Research & Development and Education are the leading types of organizations represented by attendees at CVPR.

Research & Development                                              57%

Education                                                                       31%

Services                                                                           4%

Government                                                                    4%

Manufacturing                                                                 3%

Other                                                                                1%

Industry leading organizations

73% of CVPR attendees are from organizations of more than 100 employees with an emphasis on the university and research setting.

Organization Size:

More than 10,000 employees/staff                             22%

5,001-to 10,000 employees/staff                                10%                    

1,001-5,000 employees/staff                                 19%

101-1,000 or less employees/staff                              22%

100 or less employees/staff                                        27%

Age Group

60% of CVPR attendees are aged 34 or less.

18-24 years                                                                      7%

25-34 years                                                                   53%

35-44 years                                                                   26%

45-54 years                                                                    9%

55 and over                                                                    5%

Wide Ranging and Diverse Interests

CVPR attendees come with a wide breadth of product interests.

Product Interest:

Autonomous Vehicles                                                    41%

Robots and Robotic Systems                                         44%

AI Products and Solutions                                        66%

Surgical/Medical/Healthcare                                          21%

Software Development Tools                                         34%

Vision Systems and Sensors                                           62%

Data Labeling                                                                    24%

Main Goals

CVPR attendees come with various goals when they attend the Exhibits.

Job Opportunities/Recruitment                                        37%

Learn more about the latest industry information        73%

See new products in the Exhibits                                     53%

Purchase/Recommend Products/Services                       8%

Enhance your brand image, position your organization as an industry thought leader, and get access to top talent in the field by taking advantage of an exhibit and sponsorship opportunity at CVPR 2024.

Join us and enhance your brand with the world’s top computer vision and AI, industry leaders and researchers! 

CVPR offers your organization a menu of opportunities to extend your brand message beyond your exhibit space and throughout the convention center. There is an opportunity to achieve every marketing objective for every exhibit budget. 

To get the most from your investment at CVPR 2024:

  • STEP 1 – select an Exhibit Booth Space on the floorplan to maximize your presence in the exhibit hall.
  • STEP 2 – select the Conference Sponsorship Level most appropriate for your industry standing and brand image. Here are the CVPR 2024 Sponsorship Levels
  • STEP 3 – choose from the a la carte Sponsorship Opportunities to further extend your brand message to each conference attendee.


Step 1 – Select Exhibit Booth Space from the floorplan

Step 2 – Support the Conference and build your brand.


Sponsorship Level Benefits












CVs from attendees looking for jobs




List of advance registrant opt-in email addresses

3 uses

2 uses


Private meeting room during the main Conference




Recognition from conference chair in welcome address




Priority Points for the 2024 Exhibits




Full Passport Registrations




Hyperlinked logo on CVPR 2023 website




Job postings on the CVPR 2024 site








Full Passport Registrations





Booth Space Available Separately


Step 3 – Choose from high-profile sponsorship opportunities or design your own

The following a la carte sponsorships give you additional opportunities to make a positive impression with the CVPR audience and enhance your brand image.  Many are exclusive!  If you don’t see a sponsorship opportunity that fits your marketing objective, contact us to discuss how we can help you accomplish your goals at CVPR 2024.

Sponsorship opportunities and availability subject to change. 


Sponsorship Opportunities


Support of Attendee Services

Conference T-shirt - exclusive


Lanyard - exclusive - one opportunity

Contact for pricing

Registration Badge - exclusive - one opportunity

Contact for pricing

Aisle Sign Sponsorship in the Exhibit Hall - exclusive


Mobile and Laptop Charging Station


Advertising Banner in the Convention Center - multiple available

Contact for pricing

Conference Coffee and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall - 6 available


Flash Session -15-minute TED Style Presentations In the Expo


Private Meeting Room - Platinum Sponsor


Private Meeting Room - Gold Sponsor


Attendee Lounge


Barista Bar Sponsor

$30,000 per day

Standing Sign Board Located in High Traffic Area



Step 1 – Connect in-person with the world’s leading computer vision and AI researchers and industry professionals.   

The Exhibit Hall will be a major component of the Conference experience for all attendees. The Conference program has been designed to maximize the opportunities for attendees to visit the exhibit hall to see the latest technologies and products and network with exhibitors.  A variety of activities will take place in the exhibit hall, including refreshment breaks, the poster sessions, and Flash Sessions.  Reserve your exhibit space today!

Exhibit Space Rental – USD (available in increments of 10’ x 10’)

Standard Booth Rental             $52.00 per sq. ft.

Non-Profit Rate                               $26.00 per sq. ft.

Exhibit space rental includes these added benefits:

  • One (1) Exhibitor Personnel Passes per 100 sq. ft. of exhibit space.  Booth staff registrations include morning and afternoon refreshment breaks each day of the exhibition.  Additional Exhibitor Personnel Passes can be purchased for $75.
  • Complimentary access to the Reception with an Exhibitor Personnel Pass.
  • Complimentary listing in the Conference Exhibit Directory that includes contact information and product description.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access in the exhibit hall.
  • Access to high-impact sponsorship opportunities available only to exhibitors.

Reserve your exhibit and sponsorship opportunity today! Here is the application to sign up for booth space and sponsorships.

Complete the application or contact us cvpr@heiexpo.com   or call +1 630.929.7937 to discuss the Expo floor plan.