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YouTube Video and Poster Uploads

April 27, 2004

As CVPR 2024 approaches, we would like to begin collecting videos and poster images for the website.  Each poster should have a 5 minute YouTube video, a poster thumbnail, and optionally an image of your full poster.  You will need to be logged into the CVPR website before you visit the upload pages.  Help on logging in is at the bottom of this email.

YouTube Video

Upload a 5 minute video to YouTube and visit our YouTube Uplaod Page.  There are instructions on the page that explain how to add your YouTube video to your poster page at  When the conference site opens a few weeks before the conference, we will send another email asking you to preview your poster page, including your video, on the live site.   Please complete this task by June 3.  Papers accepted as Orals will have both a Poster page and an Oral page. Your video only needs to be uploaded / linked on the Poster page.  It will automatically appear on the the Orals page. You may revisit the video upload page even after June 3 to replace the video as often as needed.  We understand that YouTube is not available in some countries, and in this case, it is okay not to have a video.

Poster Thumbnail and Poster Image

Please choose an eye-catching graphic from your paper to use as a thumbnail for our poster page.   See last year's poster page for an example of how these thumbnails are used. Please visit our Poster Uploads page to upload your thumbnail.   You may also optionally upload a full poster image, which is helpful for virtual attendees.   Please upload your images by June 3.  You may revisit the upload page after June 3 to upload new images if necessary. 

Login Help

In order to upload videos and artwork, you will need to be logged into  We may have created a new profile for you from OpenReview profile inforamtion if you did not have an existing 2023 account at You may need to set your password for the first time or reset your password if you have forgotten it using    

I Do Not See My Paper(s) on the Upload Pages

If you submitted at OpenReview using a different email address than you use at https:/, then the upload pages may not know about your paper.   In that case you may  Merge Profiles to merge your OpenReview email addres into your CVPR profile.  After you complete the merge, the Upload Pages should list your 2024 paper(s),

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